Bloubul Auctions

Buying at Bloubul

1) A Refundable registration deposit is payable on the day of the auction or via eft (only for online registration) in order to buy on the auction.

2) You will only be allowed to bid on the auction with an official registration card, which you will receive after paying your deposit, as indicated in the above point.

3) Under no circumstances will any person be allowed to remove items during the auction. Items may only be removed after the auction or the following day. (Bloubul Auctions is CLOSED on Sundays and public holidays)

4) All accounts must be paid in FULL before any item may be removed. When an EFT is used as payment method, the money must reflect in Bloubul Auctions account before any item may be removed.

5) Any person who registers for any auction of Bloubul Auctions, whether online or on-site, agrees to all the combined Terms & Conditions of Bloubul Auctions.

For full terms and conditions click here OR call 066 235 0093.