Bloubul Auctions

Solar, Hardware & Furniture Auction
19 April 2023


This auction will be in Meiringspark, KLERKSDORP.
For directions, search 'Bloubul Auctions' in Google/Apple Maps.

  • Over 2,000 Solar Pannels, Inverters, Hardware, Aircons and so much more...

  • Solar Panels: Amorphous Silicon
    Open Citcuit Voltage: 96V
    Short Citcuit Current: 1.7A
    Max Power Voltage (vpm): 70V
    Max Power Current (Imp): 1.43A
    Max System Voltage: 1000V
    Max Series Fuse Rating: 3.0A
    Weight: 19kg
    Dimensions: 1111 x 1311 x 46 mm

  • Inverters: Sungrow [Grid-Connected Inverter]
    min.MPP voltage: 300V
    maxMPP voltage: 950V
    max.Input voltage: 1000V

    Output Power: 50 000W
    Output Voltage: 3/N/PE AC 400/230V
    Output Current: 80A

  • R 2,000.00 Registration Fee (Refundable)

  • FICA documents required for registration. (Proof of residence not older than 3 months and a copy of your ID/Passport/Driver's License)

  • No cheques will be accepted as a method of payment.

  • Payment methods available:
    EFT Payments
    Credit/Debit Cards (Visa,MasterCard,Amex)